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Full Grooming

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Just like every one of us, your dog has certain needs for cleaning and pampering. Of course, a quick bath or brush does help, but every once in a while, your dog deserves something a little bit more. At Arlington Dog Groomer, we can bring you exactly that, through our full grooming service. One of the friendly members of our team will be able to come to your house and give your pooch the very best cleaning and care session ever. We combine all of our very best grooming services into our full groom, meaning that it’ll be a seriously effective job every time. We’ll leave your pet looking better, smelling fresher, and feeling healthier than ever, with tail held high. So, give us a call today and we would be glad to find a time and a date that works for you.

Bath, Shampoo & Condition 

The first step of any good grooming session is to make sure that your dog’s coat is in the best shape that it can be. After all of those walks and time in the yard, it is only natural that it gets dirty, dusty, and grimy. But with a good bath and some thorough shampooing, all of that will be washed away in no time. Then, we can use one of our gentle pet conditioners to leave the fur feeling light and smelling fresh.

Blow Dry, Brush & Trim

After we have properly cleaned your dog’s coat then we want to make sure it is as comfortable as it can be. Especially if your pet has long fur, there are likely knots and mats of hair all caught up in it. These can be irritating and can even make the weight of the coat feel heavy, two things that nobody wants for their pup. So, we’ll apply all of our care to a proper blow-dry and brush out, so that we can leave the entire coat as smooth as possible. Then, we’ll deliver a well-needed trim and remove some of the bulk from the fur, leaving it looking better and being much more comfortable for your dog.

Face and Ears 

Both the face and ears of your dog deserve special attention, as these can get dirty and even sometimes unhygienic for them. So, we apply a specialist face washing product, which we can trust is gentle and soothing as it is massaged in. This will take away all of the muck and gunk, leaving behind healthy skin that will stay comfortable for a long time.

Nails and Paws

And, of course, it is just as important that your dog’s paws and nails are cared for too. They have to go through so much stress and wear over time, and that mustn’t lead to any health issues for your pup. So, we’ll pay extra time tending to them, cleaning and manicuring them fully, and making sure that any wounds or uncomfortable sports can heal and repair.

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